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Business is built on storytelling

Tell your clients a good story and you'll form a lasting connection

Business videos
How we help

A well crafted video brings you closer to your clients

Every business is a people business. They’re made of them, they work with them, and above all else, they have to connect with them. Using business videos to tell a story allows you to build trust, demonstrate innovation, inform your audience, but more importantly, encourage people to make decisions and drive action. This is the true power of video.

Use video for
Branded content

Stylish, moving and impactful. Branded content is a way of telling a story that isn’t always directly about you, but encapsulates your values. With these videos you can entertain people whilst showing them what you’re all about. They’re a creative way of showing people that they should be doing business with you.

Case studies

Trust is key to business relationships. Having someone else tell a story about you is a good way to start building that trust. A case study video gives your audience an insight into the way you conduct business and the way your clients feel about you. Let other people’s positive stories of working with you become your strongest asset for reaching new audiences.

Promotional videos

Every business has an identity and story that is important to share, but with so many business stories out there you need to find a way to be distinctive. With a promotional video you can show what you do, express your philosophy and bring people into your business, all while being stylistically bold and interesting.

Who we help

Businesses are pushing the boundaries of what is possible every day. Everything from developing groundbreaking technologies, to creating the buildings that make our communities. Every business has a story that needs to be told, and that’s exactly what we do.

  • Sport and fitness
  • Technology and computing
  • Construction
  • Marine and transportation
  • Financial services
  • Medical industry
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Retailers
  • Recruitment
  • Innovation

How we craft your business videos

From tiny acorns

  • Brief

    If you’re looking to create a video that really connects with people, then having a detailed and open briefing process is the best place to start. We ask questions, challenge you and learn as much as we can about you and your brief.

  • Proposal

    We love this part of the process, It’s the first opportunity in a project to think big and get creative. We take all of our thoughts, ideas and interpretations of a project and combine them into an easy to understand document for you to mull over.

  • Planning

    We’re planners by nature, which we use to our advantage when it comes to making a video. We don’t always strictly follow a concrete plan, but creating one in the first place means we can all be on the same page and pulling in the same creative direction.

  • Video production services

    This is what we live for; the part where we get to film, edit and animate your story. All of the thinking and planning culminates in the creation of videos and animations that you can be proud to share with your audience.

  • Video production services

    The project has come to an end, sign-off has been given and we deliver your video or animation in an upload-friendly format. But your journey is just starting! Now you get to share the project with the people who matter most.

We’re proud of our work, as are our clients.
  • "Craig and Emma are awesome, young, fresh and full of new ideas. They put everyone at ease and the end results are mind blowing!"

  • "Throughout the project Neck of the Woods Films were professional, responsive and creative. Our project had a broad scope and a lot of concepts to fit into three and a half minutes, but the end result was better than we'd expected and we've had a huge amount of positive feedback from inside and outside the company."

    Williams Shipping
  • "The Neck of the Woods team were lovely and so easy to work with. They really understood what we were trying to achieve and executed exceptionally. We were kept informed throughout the project and are really proud of what was produced. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone else."

  • “The team at Neck of the Woods were an absolute joy to work with. They really took time to understand what we were trying to achieve through our project and certainly went the extra mile to deliver it and would highly recommend them!”

    Prime Plc
  • "Neck of the Woods have been one of the easiest suppliers to work with, they have been most professional, very responsive and patient. The final animation has exceeded our expectations and I would thoroughly recommend Craig and Emma. Thank you for the great work."

    Safe Security Services