Training video


The brief

A new way of training a vast team.

Ganymede Solutions are responsible for maintaining strict safety guidelines and training their staff appropriately. If this isn’t done right, then the lives of their team and the general public are at risk. So making training messages as clear as possible is essential. They needed a training video to give new employees an idea of what the company expected from them and show them the importance they place on safety. The video needed to be concise and engaging to make sure that viewers understood the important messages contained within.

What we did

Ganymede provided us with a script which gave us the start we needed to create something to engage their team. The script provided a lot of information, but we needed to find a way to translate that into something watchable. We set about creating characters, environments and scenes that would take this animation beyond the usual training videos you would expect to see. We packaged these up into storyboards, and after a collaborative discussion, we were able to put our plan into motion.

Training video
Training Video
The result

We were able to create an animation that concisely summarised Ganymede’s staff training in a way that was watchable and fun. We blended interactions between characters with text to create a video that was informative but still had a friendly and approachable tone. The film isn’t designed to lecture new employees, but help them be the best operative they can.

Kind words

We have used the services and expertise of Neck of the Woods Films a number of times now. Projects ranging from creating training videos for undertaking performance reviews, creation of an animation style video for inducting new starters and a photo shoot for portraying key safety messages. Each time we find them to be creative and straight forward in their approach.

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