Staff case studies


The brief

Meeting the people behind the scenes.

As a relatively small and tight knit company, SmartDebit were keen to tell others about their company culture and their staff. They decided to do this through the use of staff case studies and asked us to help create these videos. SmartDebit wanted the videos to be short, snappy and engaging to give viewers a clear idea of what they’re all about. They also needed the videos to be suitable for the various social media platforms they use to communicate with their customers.

What we did

We conducted quick fire interviews at their Surrey offices with as many team members as possible to give their customers an insight into the whole team. Although these videos had to be more personal than some of their other content, they still had to fit within SmartDebit’s overall strategy and brand. By shooting on a branded background, we were able to help tie this in.

The technical

Development of interview questions
1 day of filming
Motion graphics
Music licensing

The result

We used quick editing, upbeat music, and the best answers we filmed to create a series of short videos. These videos took their customers behind the scenes of SmartDebit. They’re not informative in the traditional sense, but they help give their customers a sense of who they’re working with. Making them feel more connected to their unique company culture. By showing the unique people behind the company, SmartDebit can build trust with their customers.

Kind words

"The team at Neck of the Woods are very talented and made quite a complex task simple. Their choice of voice-over artist and music was perfect for the project, and they work in a very collaborative fashion which makes translating business dialogue into visual material very fluid. They worked tirelessly to a tight deadline to deliver the project ahead of schedule."