Take Part in Research

The brief

Connecting brands and consumers.

Take Part in Research are a market research company who help consumers to get their voices heard. By connecting organisations with their customers, they help to improve services and positively impact the relationships we have with the organisations we engage with. The problem that they encounter though is that people feel uncertain about what they do. The idea of being paid for opinions is new to a lot of people, so they’re unsure what to think. In order to change that, Take Part in Research wanted to create an animation which clearly outlined their mission and connected them with their audience. That’s where we came in.

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What we did

Initially, our aim was to help refine the message and find a style that fit with the TPiR’s brand. We opted for a blend of flat animation and some character animation. This allowed us to tell a clear and concise story, but also show the audience that TPiR is an organisation that they can work with. We felt that by including characters rather than making everything graphical, that we could give the brand a human face and draw the audience into the video. As well as creating the illustrations and animation, we tied everything together with sound effects and carefully chosen music. This really helped in setting the tone and adding richness to the visuals.

The technical

Story development
Script development
Short cuts
Sound effects
Music licensing
Voiceover recording

The result
We helped build trust through animation.

The result was a friendly and playful animation that captured the character of Take Part in Research. It treads the line between technical detail, but also focuses on connecting with audience on a personal level. Now their audience will be able to quickly learn about their process and feel confident about sharing their opinions with them.

Kind words

We have absolutely loved working with Neck of the Woods - I am almost sad that our video is done! NOTW had a great vision for our video from the get go, and couldn't have been easier to work with. We are so pleased with the finished result, the team were so accommodating and professional throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Take Part in Research