Video case study

Welsh Slate

The brief

Bringing Welsh slate to life with video.

Ioan Raymond is a stonemason and craftsman based in Southampton, Hampshire. Having grown up around slate quarries in Wales, he was inspired to turn offcuts of slate into wine racks, water features and pieces of art. He wanted to produce a film that told his story, showed off his work and promoted his business. The film needed to fit a particular style, one that was dark and natural to suit the nature of the material that he chooses to work with.

What we did

Ioan has a unique and interesting story to tell, as well as a way of working that is completely his own. The film was about him, so we tried to keep the film as personal to him as possible. We spent time filming Ioan at his home and workshop. Charting the journey of a single piece that he was creating. With a visual style in mind, we did everything we could to create the right mood for a raw and natural film.

Welsh Slate
The result

The result was a short documentary ‘Welsh Slate’ which won ‘Regional Filmmaker Prize’ at Southampton Film Week 2017. This is not only the story of the transformation of a piece of slate. It’s the story of someone who has found their passion through hard work and exploration. It’s just as much a celebration of Ioan as a creator as it is about promoting his work. In order to help promote the end product, the film works to build a personal connection between Ioan and potential customers by sharing his unique entry into the world of craftsmanship.

Kind words

"I recently used these guys to create a promo video for my website. Not the usual as I wanted to portray the creative side of things, focusing on how I produce my product. The guys were simply awesome to deal with and so flexible. The finished product was way better than my expectation and they were so helpful through the whole process."

Slate Wine Racks