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Social Enterprise
Good stories. Stories for good.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we’re no different

We are Neck of the Woods Films, a team of filmmakers, storytellers, animators and illustrators passionate about the work we do. We want to create films that we, and our clients, can be proud of with all the craft and creativity that they deserve. Our work has helped raise money for hospital wards, tell stories of human achievement, and publicise world changing research across the globe. And we don’t plan on stopping there.

Our culture and values

We started Neck of the Woods Films with some core values that we wanted to shape the work that we do. These aren’t just guidelines; they’re the ideas that define us as a video production company and as people. They come as a result of everything that we’ve learned, all that we want to achieve and the principles that we hold personally.

More than a video production company

We’re not only a video production company; we are also a social enterprise. This means when you work with us, you’re helping us to make our community better. We care about that impact, and we’re always trying to find new ways to make that impact even more significant. As we grow, so too will our impact efforts to help young people, foster new filmmakers, and support those who are looking to make change locally. Because we never want to forget our roots.

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Change makers.

Who we are

  • Neck of the Woods Films

    Meet the team

  • Craig McDougall

    Creative Director

  • Emma Lieghio

    Executive Producer

  • Tom Hinkley

    Head of Client Services

  • Dan Shannon

    Head of Animaton

  • Joe Potts

    Senior Camera Operator / Editor

  • Charlie Emsley

    Junior Illustrator / Animator

  • Lukas Smith

    Freelance Camera Operator

Youth film fund

Planting seeds for the future

Young people are the future of every community on earth. If we want them to make the difference the world needs, then they’re going to need some help. That’s why we created the Neck of the Woods film fund. This fund helps filmmakers aged 17-25 to make films about social change.

Consider it a little seed capital


It’s all in the name

Our name is our philosophy. We work on making our neck of the woods that little bit better, and we tell stories about people who do the same.

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