2D animation


The brief

Making a noise without making a sound.

Factotum help businesses with HR, legal, marketing, insurance and everything in between. This enables business owners and their teams to focus on doing what they do best. When you do so much though, it can sometimes be a little tricky to communicate that to people and help them understand what it is that you do. Factotum asked us to create an animation that told their potential customers what they did and how they help businesses. It needed to be concise, work without sound and fit in perfectly with their brand. This applied not only to the colours and logos used, but the assets also had to fit a very distinct visual style.

What we did

This project was very much a collaboration between ourselves and the wonderful Fhoke. As they had created the site and brand, who better to create the assets than them? However, before they could make these assets we had to come up with a visual concept that would match Factotum’s script. We planned these scenes ready for Fhoke to work their magic. We then took those assets and combined them into scenes ready for a detailed storyboard. From this storyboard we were able to add motion, transitions and music in order to create their 2d animation video.

2D animation storyboard
2D animation
The technical

Story development
Script assistance
Social cuts

The result
The culmination of all of this work was an 80 second 2d animation film.

The film was able to tell the story of what Factotum offer their customers that didn’t rely on sound to convey its messaging. By including text with the scenes we created, we were able to carry to narrative without the need for a voiceover. This worked perfectly for Factotum, as some of the ways they needed to use it would mean that having sound would be impossible. The video now sits proudly at the top of the website as a first point of contact for potential customers.

Kind words

"The Neck of the Woods team were lovely and so easy to work with. They really understood what we were trying to achieve and executed exceptionally. We were kept informed throughout the project and are really proud of what was produced. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone else."