Motion graphic animations


The brief

Putting animation to work at live events.

IPSE are a non-profit organisation responsible for educating and protecting self employed people in the UK. They tasked us with creating a series of motion graphic animations to be shown at their annual policy conference. The videos had to be bright, engaging and informative but they also needed to be versatile as they would go on to be a part of IPSE’s wider marketing strategy. On top of all that, these animations had to connect with a very specific group of people, so any films that we created had to meet this need too.

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What we did

We took the clear branding guidelines of IPSE and used these to create icons and characters. We combined these into storyboards in order to give them a clear idea of how the videos would play out on screen. With this approved, we were then able to take these characters and icons and put them into motion. We blended the scenes, adding subtle transitions, so that the audience would never be pulled out of the video.

The result

We were able to create a series of short, engaging animations that suited the needs of the environment they would be shown in. These videos still manage to tell a story for their audience, even without having a voiceover. We created icons and scenes that we felt would resonate with the self-employed people who would be watching. We tied these together to create short, snappy and versatile assets which have gone on to be included in IPSE’s wider marketing strategy.

Kind words

"Neck of the Woods recently created three animated videos to use as marketing assets. With a very short deadline, and an entirely new brand guidelines to incorporate; Neck of the Woods followed our brief and delivered three high-quality, on-message videos. They were both reliable and easy to liaise with. Not once during the build-up to the deadline were we ever concerned with Neck of the Woods' ability to not only meet the deadline, but produce great work. The results are three assets which we will use heavily in all of our future marketing strategies."