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Powerful charity videos help you connect with your audience

Changing the world starts with making a single connection. You need to engage and move people if you want their help, and sharing stories is a great way to do this. When you tell a story using video you can appeal to your audience in an emotive way, utilising visuals and audio to create a genuine and meaningful experience for them. 

At Neck of the Woods Films we set out to produce films for charities and non-profits that will stand out and make a difference. We love the work that we do. We’re passionate about helping charities reach their fundraising goals and connect with people who share a common purpose. We’ve helped national charities, local charities and even individuals achieve amazing things and we want to do that with you too.

Types of charity videos
Charity campaign videos

Charity campaign videos are used globally by non-profits to reach new audiences, put important topics in the spotlight and to bring about change. A successful campaign results in people taking action: video and animation make this happen.

Charity case study videos

Human stories move people, it’s that simple. Charities encounter these important stories all the time and sharing them with your audience is paramount. Charity case study videos are perfect for this and bring these stories into sharper focus than any other format.

Charity brand films

Charities concentrate so hard on making change that sometimes they forget to talk about themselves. People aren’t just looking for facts and figures, they’re looking for someone they can believe in and work with. With a charity brand film, you can show your audience that this is you.

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Charity video production showreel

We’ve worked with charities of all shapes and sizes, from large national charities like Drinkaware and Centre for Ageing Better to small local charities like Southampton Hospitals Charity and Small Charities Coalition. We’ve made films about incredible fundraising efforts, films for national campaigns and personal case studies. Check our showreel for a sample of our work. 

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Charity Brand Film

The education charity Future First were looking to help even more young people with their futures. They wanted to create their first ever brand video to be used as part of their national campaign. 

We created a film that was bold and direct. The message was clear, that young people should have the opportunity to build their own future. Hearing this directly from young people made for an impactful and effective charity film.

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Centre for Ageing Better
Charity Case Study

Ageing in the UK is becoming more difficult, but not everyone is fully aware. Centre for Ageing Better are trying to change this and attitudes towards ageing more broadly. 

The key to engaging people on this is hearing from real people. Lived experience is exactly what Ageing Better wants to share in order to drive change. We created this case study film to help bring real people’s experiences to the forefront of the issue and support the work of the charity.

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Christmas appeal animation
Charity Animation

York Road Project has a clear goal; to end homelessness in Woking. As part of a Christmas specific campaign they wanted to create an emotive animation. This would shed light on the cost of living crisis and its role in homelessness. 

We worked with the charity to create an animation that was emotive, stylised and, most importantly, direct.

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Dear Newham
Charity Campaign Video

The Renewal Programme is a charity that supports people in the borough of Newham. For over fifty years they’ve been supporting marginalised people to build a life and support themselves in the Borough. 

We worked with the charity to create a campaign video that would build awareness and help them boost their fundraising efforts.

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Charity Fundraising Video

University Hospital Southampton treats people from across the south. Southampton Hospitals Charity work tirelessly to make sure that the funds are there to support the amazing staff and patients at the hospital. 

We created an emotive fundraising film to help them call attention to Robbie’s Rehab and to help generate life changing funds.

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The charities we create video for

We work with change makers to create charity videos about positive change, human achievement and social impact. It may be the story of a youth programme, or the hero film that spearheads a vital fundraising campaign. If you’re looking to change the world in some way, you need these stories to be told well. Non-profits make our world better every day, but they aren’t always the best at telling these stories. We’re a full service video agency that helps charities do just that.

  • Arts and culture charities
  • Museums and external learning
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hospitals, hospices and care facilities
  • Outreach programmes
  • Human and animal welfare charities
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Research organisations
  • Charitable foundations

How we craft your charity video

From tiny acorns

  • Brief

    If you’re looking to create charity a video that really connects with people, then having a detailed and open briefing process is the best place to start. We ask questions, challenge you and learn as much as we can about your charity and your brief.

  • Proposal

    We love this part of the process, It’s the first opportunity in a project to think big and get creative. We take all of our thoughts, ideas and interpretations of a project and combine them into an easy to understand document for you to mull over.

  • Planning

    We’re planners by nature, which we use to our advantage when it comes to making your charity video. We don’t always strictly follow a concrete plan, but creating one in the first place means we can all be on the same page and pulling in the same creative direction.

  • Video production services

    This is what we live for; the part where we get to film, edit and animate your story. All of the thinking and planning culminates in the creation of charity videos and animations that you can be proud to share with your audience.

  • Video production services

    The project has come to an end, sign-off has been given and we deliver your charity video or animation in an upload-friendly format. But your journey is just starting! Now you get to share the project with the people who matter most.

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Video production for charities

Looking to produce a charity video?

Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from people who are looking to produce a video for their charity.

We’re proud of our work, as are our charity clients.
  • We worked with Neck of the Woods to create a new, signature video for our charity and also social cuts from this. They were an absolute pleasure to work with from the very start and their professionalism and passion ensured that the end results were brilliant.

    Future First
  • We had the absolute pleasure of working with NOTW Films back in September and the experience will stay with us for a lifetime. From the very beginning of our project, they were nothing short of incredible and really took our very basic idea and turned it into something special. After a few positive planning meetings, they came to film and blew us away. It's safe to say every single member of our team who met them fell in love and we're all now individually plotting how we can work with them constantly going forward. The film they created surpassed all of our expectations and left us speechless.

    The Renewal Programme
  • "Our experience of working with NOTW is very positive, from the start they understood what we wanted to get out of the project and were empathetic to our cause. They guided us through the process with ease and we loved having them with us. They were honest in their approach and directed us with their knowledge on what would work best for the films we wanted to produce. The team are amazing, professional, compassionate and the films they produced for us really showcase who we are and we are really proud of them."

    York Road Project
  • Working with Neck of the Woods Films is a delight. From the proposal and pre-production stage, all the way through to adding the final touches to the films, they are incredibly patient and ardent.
    They passionately take on all elements of the project, engrossing themselves in the films and the work informing them. Neck of the Woods bring the perfect balance of experience, vision and trust of the client to deliver on projects that exceed our expectations.

    Centre for Ageing Better
  • "We work with at risk targeted groups and vulnerable communities and every time we book the services of Neck of the Woods we have absolute trust and confidence in their ability to provide honest, professional and high quality production. They are a dream to work with, flexible to our needs, communication is always clear and they actively listen to our visions. Their ability to work sensitively and stealthily where appropriate is a skill we massively respect."

    Bearface Theatre
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