Charity film

The Renewal Programme

The brief

Telling the story of a community

When we come together, we can overcome anything. It’s a story that has been told throughout history, and it’s an idea that The Renewal Programme live every day. They sit at the heart of their borough, delivering vital services and being a hub for positivity and progress for everyone in the borough. This has been the case for the last 50 years. It’s a massive achievement, and as the charity celebrated this milestone they wanted to create a film that celebrated this rich history. Not just this, but a film that looked forward to what might be possible for the borough of Newham if their work keeps being supported. It had to capture the values of the charity in a way that was exciting, impactful and inspiring. Their story is unique, and any film created about them needed to reflect that.

What we did

The Renewal Programme initially had thoughts on what the film could be but the moment the brief landed on our desks we had a vision for something slightly different. In fact, we pitched an idea that we felt could be the basis for an entire campaign and we shared this with the charity. That’s always nerve racking but, thankfully, the charity were fully onboard and very supportive. This was the start of “Dear Newham”. We worked with the charity to craft a narrative, to create a script and to produce storyboards to help visualise that story. This formed the basis for 4 days of filming in the borough where we captured the scenes we needed to complete the film.

Dear Newham
The Renewal Programme Charity Film
The technical

Story development
4 days of filming
Sound recording
Social cuts
Music licensing

The result

A story of a rich past and a bright future

The film turned out to be a celebration of everything that The Renewal Programme have achieved, and it also looks at what is left to do. More than being a solo film, this has been the basis for a campaign that will bring people in Newham together so they can proactively work to make their community an even better place to live. We are incredibly proud of this film and feel grateful to have been part of such a special celebration.

Kind words

We had the absolute pleasure of working with NOTW Films back in September and the experience will stay with us for a lifetime. From the very beginning of our project, they were nothing short of incredible and really took our very basic idea and turned it into something special. After a few positive planning meetings, they came to film and blew us away. It's safe to say every single member of our team who met them fell in love and we're all now individually plotting how we can work with them constantly going forward. The film they created surpassed all of our expectations and left us speechless.

The Renewal Programme