Charity film

Small Charities Coalition

The brief

Telling small charities’ stories for a big impact.

Small Charities Coalition are an organisation who support the important work of charities across the UK. They inform, support and connect them with each other. To help them connect with their existing and potential members, Small Charities Coalition wanted to create a punchy, impactful film. As well as giving the audience an idea of what they do, the film had to reflect the nature of their work. To tie this all together, the edit needed to be energetic and fast paced, so as to reflect the diverse and fast moving world of small charities. This would come to be a piece of hero content, so it had plenty to live up to.

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What we did

The people behind small charities are what make them so special. This is something we wanted to come across in the film. Firstly we worked with Small Charities Coalition to help select the perfect charities to make up the content of the film. The charities we selected were The York Road Project, JustDifferent, The Art House and Chester FC Community Trust. From here it was full-throttle on production. We travelled across the country to capture the work of these 4 small charities, all whilst trying to capture footage with a distinct visual style. We had a clear picture of how the film would look, with naturalistic lighting, plenty of handheld movement and enough footage to allow us to set a frenetic pace in the edit.

Small Charities Coalition
Charity Film
Small Charities Coalition Film
The technical

Research & subject selection
4 days of filming
Sound recording
Music licensing

The result
All of the filming culminated in the creation of a 60-second film.

This film gave viewers a glimpse into the world of small charities. It’s a celebration of everything that small charities can achieve and do for our communities. The film is a representation of Small Charities Coalition as an organisation that brings small charities together. It is energetic, punchy and impactful, just as the brief demanded.

Kind words

"We have loved working with Neck of the Woods! The film they created for us was amazing! It was fresh, fun, a great story and more than we could have hoped for. The team were incredibly professional but also very flexible, making our lives a lot easier. We couldn't recommend them more to work with!"

Small Charities Coalition