Promotional film

Josh Marks

The brief

Telling a personal story to reach clients.

Josh Marks is a husband, father and tattoo artist working in Southampton. He has a distinctive and traditional visual style to his work and any film produced would need to reflect that. It needed to show the boldness of his work, the creativity in his surroundings and to capture his story in an authentic and organic way.

Josh’s work
What we did

We sat down with Josh for an interview, asking questions about his work and journey. We also about his personal life and what makes him want to push himself as an artist. Josh works in a visual medium, and we wanted the film to mirror that as much as possible. We spent time filming Josh at his home and in his work to build a full picture of him as a person and an artist.

Josh Marks Promotional Film
Promotional film
Josh Marks Tattoo Artist
The technical

Story development
Sound recording
1 day of filming
Music licensing

The result

The film we created for Josh Marks wasn’t so much a promotional film, and more a story about Josh as a person. This is not purely about his work, but his journey in tattooing and what motivates him as an artist. We wanted this video to feel different. By making the conscious choice to cover the entirety of the interview we captured was a way of achieving this. It pushed the film into the realm of branded content, focusing on forming a personal connection with the viewer rather than bragging or boasting. That being said, the film still has some of Josh’s distinct visual style and hopefully leaves the viewer curious enough to check out the rest of his work.

Kind words

"Neck of the Woods did a short promotional for me and my recently opened studio, and I couldn’t be happier! Craig and Emma are such lovely people and took complete creative control over the project and made the whole experience so comfortable. Usually just having my picture taken makes me squirm, so to do a whole video and interview sounded terrifying; however, they were so professional and knowledgeable that it put all my worries at ease straight away and I’m so pleased with the result!"

Joshua Marks