Support resource animation

University of Southampton

The brief

Telling stories to support students

University life can be incredibly rewarding. It’s a building block for the future and an opportunity to find what really excites you. However, it comes with its own challenges. The Widening Participation and Social Mobility team at University of Southampton offer financial support for students that encounter difficulties, but this relies on students knowing that the service is there. They asked us to create an animation that made sure this was the case for as many students as possible. They wanted us to create a film that sensitively dealt with the topic, recognising the seriousness of the situation without being an unnecessary reminder of the difficulties students might be facing.

What we did

We sat down with the team at the University of Southampton and began to map out a narrative that would best help their audience. We needed to find a way to tell a story that focused on emotional connection whilst also signposting to important services. We co-developed this story with the University of Southampton team. Whilst doing this, we also worked to create a unique visual identity for the film and the team’s wider marketing. This would be carried through characters, scenes and specific iconography which would help drive the story and provide assets for future use. To help make sure that we could communicate this with everyone at University of Southampton we created storyboards. These weren’t only helpful for collaboration purposes, but they gave us a really strong jumping off point for the animation itself. With all of this hard work done in pre-production, we were able to quickly and smoothly move into animating and delivering everything the team needed to reach students who needed their help. 

The technical

Story development
Asset creation
Music licensing
Social cuts
Asset delivery

The result
Signposting with storytelling

The film acts as an important resource for the Widening Participation and Social Mobility team when trying to reach students who might need financial support. It’s used around the university and at events to show people that if they’re struggling that there are ways to access help. We’re so proud to have told a story that will help people who are struggling at a time when they should be excited about their future.

Kind words

We recently completed an animation project with Neck of the Woods to promote our services and have had an excellent experience working with the team. Considering the complex and sensitive nature of this work they did a brilliant job of conceptualising our ideas to create something that will both benefit our staff and service users. Creativity in abundance and the highest levels of professionalism.

University of Southampton