Citizens Advice

The brief

Telling true stories while protecting anonymity.

Unfortunately, scams are on the rise. There are so many more ways for people to fall victim to scams now, so this was bound to happen. We were contacted by Citizens Advice Scams Action Service to help share stories of people who have been scammed in the past to stop others from having the same experience. The problem is, they couldn’t show the storytellers, whose anonymity had to be protected at all costs. That’s why the decision was made to tell these stories through animation. This way we could tell stories that have the same impact, whilst keeping the storytellers safe.

What we did

We were working with real experiences, and had case studies to pull from, but they weren’t quite ready for an animation. We worked with the Citizens Advice team to turn these into short and personal scripts. We then took these and worked with a different voiceover artist for each of the films, to give each film it’s own character. From here, we worked in the Citizens Advice house style, creating realistic (yet heavily stylised) assets. Once these were placed in a storyboard and signed off, we were able to create the animations.

Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice Scam Action
The technical

Asset creation
Music licensing

The result
Real stories brought to life through animation

We were able to work with Citizens Advice to bring these real and important stories to life. The animations were shared through their various social media platforms to make sure that the stories were as far reaching as possible. They become a regular part of their marketing strategy, and our hope is that they protect a large number of people from some of the most common scams. 

Other work