Public awareness film


The brief

Driving climate change action through film

Unfortunately, we are facing a climate change crisis. If changes aren’t made quickly, then the results will be catastrophic. This is a global problem, but solutions have to start locally. This is what Greenprint is there to do. Greenprint is a partnership between between the University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, Southern Policy Centre and New Forest National Park. We were contacted to produce a film for them that could be used generally, but also could also tie into the COP26 summit. The film needed to be informative but have the kind of emotional pull needed to encourage action. The problem was, there really wasn’t much time to make it happen. No big deal, we love a challenge here.

What we did

For this project we left the scripting to the climate change experts. However, we were there to shape the script to make it appropriate and effective for a film. From here, it was all about visualising something that is incredibly difficult to show, especially in a local sense. We relied on our access to stock footage and licensing Reuters footage in order to do this. In order to really tell a story though, we needed to make sure that the film wasn’t just a series of images and clips. We created animated text graphics that blended in with that footage to make sure that message couldn’t be clearer.

Public awareness film
The technical

Script consultation
Stock footage
Music licensing

The result
Local action for global change.

Using existing assets and a little bit of creativity we were able to create a resource that Greenprint could share to coincide with the COP26 summit. This is a public awareness film that can be shared for a long time to come to help drive climate change policy in the South of England.