Fundraiser story

Southampton Hospitals Charity

The brief

Fundraiser stories that connect.

Southampton Hospitals Charity raises vital funds to support patients and their families at University Hospital Southampton. Aside from their corporate and major donors, the charity relies on their community to raise funds. They are forever fundraising through members of the local community who take on incredible challenges. 

Annie is one of those fundraisers. She is 80, but she doesn’t let that stand in the way of raising funds for a hospital that has given her family so much support. She chooses to raise funds by doing long distance runs for the charity. 

Annie’s story is so inspiring and the charity wanted to share it with as many people as possible. They wanted to show people in the community that they can be a part of fundraising, even if they don’t feel capable. The charity wanted to share this story through film because of its power for forming emotional connections.

What we did

We were so excited when Southampton Hospitals Charity approached us with this brief. When they told us about what Annie had achieved, her passion for fundraising and the reason behind this we were really moved. During pre-production we learned as much as we could about Annie and began to map out how we could do her story justice. We were keen to strike the balance between sharing her story but also expressing to other people why they should get involved in fundraising. 

Annie is a busy woman! We only had a little bit of time with her to get this film completed, so we had to be pretty quick. Not as quick as Annie, but still pretty speedy. We spent a morning with Annie, conducting an interview with her. We then spent the rest of our time capturing b-roll with her. We had some very specific ideas of what we wanted to capture, so we focused on this as much as possible. This helped us to light our scenes and capture the mood we wanted to. 

Annie was a dream to work with, which made post-production extra smooth. Her story was so inspiring, so it was just a case of making sure that really came across without losing sight of the message the characters wanted to convey.

The technical

Schedules and timelines
Music licensing

The result

Amplifying voices for change. 

We created a short film which the charity used to reach out to potential fundraisers. It’s a reminder to people that they can fundraise and by doing so make a real difference for people in their community. It was a privilege to meet Annie and be part of sharing her story.

Kind words

We have been using Neck of the Woods for several years to create videos showcasing the work that both University Hospital Southampton, and Southampton Hospitals Charity does. This has included creating appeal videos (including animation), talking to case studies and filming around the hospital. We frequently go to them with just simple ideas of what we want to do, and they go away and work with the idea and make it into something really special.

Southampton Hospitals Charity