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At the heart of all progress and innovation is research. It’s essential for finding where progress is needed and to demonstrate the impact that progress can have. Answering some of the biggest questions is a key part of positive change. Research films are an effective way of generating interest for research, sourcing new funding and celebrating groundbreaking achievements.

Whether you’re a researcher at a university, part of a charity or working in the medical space, video can be an important tool for boosting the reach and impact of your work.  

At Neck of the Woods Films we’ve created films for organisations of all shapes and sizes, from UK based charities to universities with a global reach. We’re interested in telling stories about research and the ways that it can positively impact our communities. We believe that research can hold the key to solving some of the most pressing issues that we face, and we work with people who feel the same.

Types of research films
Research overview videos

A holistic look at a research project can be an effective way of connecting with people. An overview video can quickly get to the heart of what a research project intends to accomplish or the impact it has made. These films are spaces to express the expertise, dedication and passion of those who are behind the project. This is something that people can meaningfully connect with.

Research explainer video

Research can be incredibly technical. The results can also sometimes be a little tricky for people to understand. An explainer video is a way of quickly sharing information about a project or adding vital context to findings. Whether it’s a video or an animation, this visual medium can be a powerful tool for informing an audience.

Researcher video interviews

It’s important to hear from people who are directly involved in research. An interview or series of interviews can be a way of talking directly about research, the process behind it and the change it will go on to make. These videos can be concise and information rich, which is perfect for getting information about research projects out into the world.

Video production Hampshire

Video production showreel

We’ve worked with research organisations of all shapes and sizes, from large national charities like Drinkaware to small local charities like Southampton Hospitals Charity. We’ve been a part of telling the inspiring stories of researchers and their quest for improving our communities and the wider world. Our showreel includes some of our favourite research films.

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Research Overview Video

Age Chapman is a professor and researcher working at the University of Southampton. Their research looks to deal with how data is used. She, along with her team, are looking to develop a set of tools and processes for determining whether or not data can be used safely. 

We created an overview video about this research as a way of building a case for support for the project. The film detailed the thought process behind the project and its outcomes. It was designed for an audience who might potentially fund or support this kind of research in the future.

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Research explainer animation

NIHR is an organisation who look to boost research in the medical space. They work in partnership with organisations like universities and the NHS to generate research for the public good. 

NIHR were looking to create a series of explainer videos to help researchers with understanding and planning for research impact. This series was a practical look at how researchers could make this a part of their work and the benefits of doing so.

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Researcher Video Interviews

Public Policy | Southampton is a dedicated unit at University of Southampton. Their role is to help connect researchers at the university with policymakers. In doing so, they help to boost the profile of researchers and their work, and support better informed policy making. 

We regularly create interview videos for PPS. These focus on specific researchers, their work and their engagement with policymakers. This helps boost the confidence of other researchers and increase the much needed engagement with policymakers.

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The organisations we create research films for

We work with researchers and organisations to create videos about cutting edge research, new ways of tackling big chalenges and social impact. It may be the story of research that is in the pipeline or a hero film about research that has changed the world. If you’re looking to drive progress in some way, you need these stories to be told well. Innovators and change makers make our world better every day, but they aren’t always the best at telling these stories. We’re a full service video agency that helps charities, non profits and educators do just that.

  • Arts and culture
  • Museums and external learning
  • Universities
  • Hospitals, hospices and care facilities
  • Outreach programmes
  • Human and animal welfare charities
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Research organisations
  • Charities and charitable foundations

How we craft your research film

From tiny acorns

  • Brief

    If you’re looking to create a research film that really connects with people, then having a detailed and open briefing process is the best place to start. We ask questions, challenge you and learn as much as we can about your organisation and your brief.

  • Proposal

    We love this part of the process, It’s the first opportunity in a project to think big and get creative. We take all of our thoughts, ideas and interpretations of a project and combine them into an easy to understand document for you to mull over.

  • Planning

    We’re planners by nature, which we use to our advantage when it comes to making your research video. We don’t always strictly follow a concrete plan, but creating one in the first place means we can all be on the same page and pulling in the same creative direction.

  • Video production services

    This is what we live for; the part where we get to film, edit and animate your story. All of the thinking and planning culminates in the creation of a research film that you can be proud to share with your audience.

  • Video production services

    The project has come to an end, sign-off has been given and we deliver your video in an upload-friendly format. But your journey is just starting! Now you get to share the project with the people who matter most.

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Research videos for organisations, universities and researchers

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Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from people who are looking to produce a research video for their organisation.

We’re proud of our work, as are our clients.
  • Simply put - they are the best supplier I have ever dealt with. Their professionalism, alongside their naturally infectious personalities made our projects run smoothly and in a really relaxed atmosphere. They really understood the brief too, went away and researched any gaps in their knowledge, and came back with a solution that fitted seamlessly into our branding and messaging. They were excellent with our students and staff - making them at home with a camera in their face is not an easy thing to do, but they work in such a way that everyone involved feels at ease.

    The Abbey
  • I could not recommend Neck of the Woods Films enough! Craig, Tom and Emma are an exceptional team who have been a pleasure to work with. From start to finish they acted with an absolute, unrivalled passion to produce the best promotional film for us. Their professionalism and eye for detail have been second to none and we could not have been happier with the finished product.

    Barton Peveril College
  • "We have loved working with Neck of the Woods! The film they created for us was amazing! It was fresh, fun, a great story and more than we could have hoped for. The team were incredibly professional but also very flexible, making our lives a lot easier. We couldn't recommend them more to work with!"

    Small Charities Coalition
  • "Neck of the Woods were asked to cover the days building up to a triple marathon event in aid of Robbie's Rehab in the summer of 2020. They were empathetic with the highly emotive subject-matter of the charity's joint aims of raising money for charity and the legacy of Robbie himself who had formed the charity but not seen its fruition. Their interviews, filming and editing were fast and effective. They were a pleasure to work with and the resulting short film is excellent. Punctual, mobile and client-oriented, I would recommend them without hesitation."

    Robbie’s Rehab
  • We have been using Neck of the Woods for several years to create videos showcasing the work that both University Hospital Southampton, and Southampton Hospitals Charity does. This has included creating appeal videos (including animation), talking to case studies and filming around the hospital. We frequently go to them with just simple ideas of what we want to do, and they go away and work with the idea and make it into something really special.

    Southampton Hospitals Charity
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