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Educational institutions and educators have some of the most important stories to tell. However, they aren’t always the best at sharing them. There are so many messages that need to be shared and so many different people to reach that this can be a real challenge for educators. Educational videos can help. Whether it’s for a school, college, university or educational charity, video can help with clarity and reach. 

At Neck of the Woods Films, we create educational videos that people can connect with and be inspired by. We’ve told stories about teachers who go above and beyond, students who want to change the world and charities who are looking to change the education system for the better. The films that we’ve created have helped change makers in education to share their stories and bring about positive change for the people they teach.

Types of educational videos
Promotional videos

Educators still need to market. They need to express their values and show young people what they can expect from their education. Likewise, charities who work in the sector need to drive donations and build relationships. Promotional videos help educators and change makers to reach and connect with people so that they can continue their important work.

Educational resource videos

Video doesn’t just make for an effective education marketing tool, it can also work as a resource for teaching people. An educational video can be used to break down complex topics, visualise concepts and give people a tool that they can use in their own time. The versatility and watchability of video makes it a powerful tool for teaching. 

Educational animations

Animation videos can be particularly effective for reaching people and teaching them. They are so versatile that it makes them perfect for the education space. They are particularly good for exploring difficult topics and as a way of visualising long and complex processes. Throw into the mix that anything can be created in animation and you have something that can really support educators.

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Video production showreel

At Neck of the Woods Films we’re passionate about making work that supports educators. We’ve worked with educational institutions like schools and universities, as well as educational charities to tell impactful stories. Our films have been used for student recruitment, to help directly in teaching and as a way of drawing attention to social justice issues relating to education. Our showreel includes some of our favourite educational videos.

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Educational Resource Videos

Learn With US is a programme that runs at University of Southampton. Learn with US works in partnership with schools and colleges in Hampshire and surrounding areas. The aim of this work is to boost academic confidence, attainment and to get more people into the university. In particular, this applies to young people who might not have thought a Russell Group university was an option for them.

We created a series of educational resource videos to help young people who are undertaking the Extended Project Qualification. The videos were designed to give helpful tips, advice and strategies to young people from real experts.

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Prospectus Video

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College is the largest college in the UK. They deliver outstanding education to young people who are finding what their truly passionate about. The college is a place where young people can learn, hone their skills and prepare themselves for a future of their own making. 

We worked with Barton Peveril to produce a promotional video. The brief was fairly simple: create something that showed what is special about the college and stands out from other films in the space.

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Case Study Video

The Abbey is an independent all girls school based in Reading. Outside of the usual goal of academic achievement, they also champion skills and attributes that are perhaps even more important. They encourage students to be curious, to be compassionate people and to find what makes them truly joyful. These values are taken to heart, and the students really feel the effect of them.

We worked with the school to produce a suite of films, including case study videos about students. The films were designed to not only display the values of the school, but also to capture the real thoughts and feelings of the storytellers.

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Educational Animation

The WPSM team at University of Southampton are responsible for making sure that more students can participate in the university experience. A significant part of this work is making sure that students can focus on their studies. This can be difficult when outside factors such as financial constraints come into play. When this happens, WPSM are able to offer financial support. 

We worked with the team to create an educational animation that gave students the confidence to ask for help. It also gave them practical steps for how they could access the service.

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Hero Film

Future First is a charity that looks to create thriving alumni communities in schools. The idea behind this is that if we can show young people what can be achieved then we can increase their confidence to go out and create a future of their choosing. The charity does this by connecting schools with alumni and making sure that students get to meet these people. 

We created a Hero Film for Future First to help connect them with more schools. To get more schools on board the film had to be clear about the charity’s ethos, way of working and vision for the future of all young people.

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The organisations we create educational videos for

We work with educators and change makers in the education space. We work with them to create educational videos that connect with audiences, push for change and helps to teach people. Whether it’s a case study video about a student, a hero film for an entire institution or a teaching video, you need these stories to be told well. Educators and change makers make our world better every day, but they aren’t always the best at telling these stories. We’re a full service video agency that helps educators and educational charities do just that.

  • Arts and culture
  • Museums and external learning
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Training resources
  • Outreach programmes
  • Research organisations

How we craft your education video

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  • Brief

    If you’re looking to create educational videos that really connect with people, then having a detailed and open briefing process is the best place to start. We ask questions, challenge you and learn as much as we can about your organisation and your brief.

  • Proposal

    We love this part of the process, It’s the first opportunity in a project to think big and get creative. We take all of our thoughts, ideas and interpretations of a project and combine them into an easy to understand document for you to mull over.

  • Planning

    We’re planners by nature, which we use to our advantage when it comes to making your educational video. We don’t always strictly follow a concrete plan, but creating one in the first place means we can all be on the same page and pulling in the same creative direction.

  • Video production services

    This is what we live for; the part where we get to film, edit and animate your story. All of the thinking and planning culminates in the creation of an educational video that you can be proud to share with your audience.

  • Video production services

    The project has come to an end, sign-off has been given and we deliver your video in an upload-friendly format. But your journey is just starting! Now you get to share the project with the people who matter most.

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Educational videos for schools, colleges and universities

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Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from people who are looking to produce educational videos for their organisation.

We’re proud of our work, as are our clients.
  • We worked with Neck of the Woods to create a new, signature video for our charity and also social cuts from this. They were an absolute pleasure to work with from the very start and their professionalism and passion ensured that the end results were brilliant.

    Future First
  • We had the absolute pleasure of working with NOTW Films back in September and the experience will stay with us for a lifetime. From the very beginning of our project, they were nothing short of incredible and really took our very basic idea and turned it into something special. After a few positive planning meetings, they came to film and blew us away. It's safe to say every single member of our team who met them fell in love and we're all now individually plotting how we can work with them constantly going forward. The film they created surpassed all of our expectations and left us speechless.

    The Renewal Programme
  • "Our experience of working with NOTW is very positive, from the start they understood what we wanted to get out of the project and were empathetic to our cause. They guided us through the process with ease and we loved having them with us. They were honest in their approach and directed us with their knowledge on what would work best for the films we wanted to produce. The team are amazing, professional, compassionate and the films they produced for us really showcase who we are and we are really proud of them."

    York Road Project
  • Working with Neck of the Woods Films is a delight. From the proposal and pre-production stage, all the way through to adding the final touches to the films, they are incredibly patient and ardent.
    They passionately take on all elements of the project, engrossing themselves in the films and the work informing them. Neck of the Woods bring the perfect balance of experience, vision and trust of the client to deliver on projects that exceed our expectations.

    Centre for Ageing Better
  • "We work with at risk targeted groups and vulnerable communities and every time we book the services of Neck of the Woods we have absolute trust and confidence in their ability to provide honest, professional and high quality production. They are a dream to work with, flexible to our needs, communication is always clear and they actively listen to our visions. Their ability to work sensitively and stealthily where appropriate is a skill we massively respect."

    Bearface Theatre
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