Brand film

Williams Shipping

The brief

125 years of history, one 3 minute story.

Williams Shipping have been in business for 125 years, always owned and operated by the Williams family. To help celebrate this achievement, Williams Shipping wanted to create a brand film that told the story of the company, but also got people excited about the company’s future. The film was being premiered at a client party, and so needed to impress and engage all of those attending.

What we did

We felt that the key to success with this brand film would be capturing the people of Williams Shipping. We initially did this through capturing personal interviews with a large number of the team. Alongside this we also spent 5 days capturing the cutaway footage to help these interviews. In order to move the story forward, we worked hard to add as much motion and variety to this footage as we could.

Brand Film Williams Shipping
Brand Film
Williams Shipping
The technical

Kick-off meeting
Story development
7 days of filming
Aerial filming
Music licensing
Social cuts

The result

All of this production left us with a mountain of footage to work with, and the number of interviews alone was staggering. Through painstaking editing and decision making, we were able to take all of the personal stories that had been shared with us and create a film that explored the human history of Williams Shipping. It was a celebration of achievement, a recognition of a dedicated team and a message to clients new and old. The film was premiered to clients at a celebration event, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. This project was challenging, exciting and a pleasure to work on, we’re incredibly proud of the results.

Kind words

"Throughout the project Neck of the Woods Films were professional, responsive and creative. Our project had a broad scope and a lot of concepts to fit into three and a half minutes, but the end result was better than we'd expected and we've had a huge amount of positive feedback from inside and outside the company."

Williams Shipping